Inquest Representation

Barristers London  provide specialist expertise in Inquest Law (Coroner’s Law) covering all aspects from advisory and preparatory work to full advocacy services at case management hearings (Pre Inquest Review hearings), inquests and in the High Court for judicial review and challenges to inquest outcomes under s.13 Coroners Act 1988, including attorney general fiat applications. Through having represented a broad spectrum of interested persons our barristers have a good understanding of how the issues of a specific coroner’s investigation can impact case preparation. 

We have dealt with a large range of coroner’s investigations and inquests including:

  • Accidental deaths
  • Drug and alcohol related deaths
  • Deaths by fire
  • Road and Vehicle Accidents
  • Deaths due to Health and Safety at Work breaches
  • Clinical and hospital deaths
  • Residential home, nursing home, care homes deaths
  • Deaths due to emergency services delays
  • Deaths due to suicide
  • Custodial deaths (prisons, police stations, during transit, secure unit, children homes)
  • Rail track and train deaths

Our specialist team is available to provide advice, assistance, and legal representation on a range of issues:

  • Interested person status
  • The practice and procedure of a coroner’s investigation and the coroner’s powers
  • Identification of possible witnesses
  • Preparation of witness statements and disclosure of evidence to the coroner
  • Whether Article 2 ECHR is engaged
  • Pre Inquest Review hearings
  • Full Inquest hearing
  • Likely conclusions (verdicts)
  • Reports to Prevent Future Deaths
  • Post Inquest remedies
  • Release of evidence post inquest.

We represent anyone who must attend an inquest anywhere in England and Wales, not only London.  

Sometimes the family of the bereaved lives in the London area but the inquest will take place in another part of the country. This is not a barrier to instructing one of our inquest team from Barristers London because we do travel to inquests throughout England and Wales. The same applies to organisations who operate in London but who are called upon as interested persons to participate in an inquest. We can represent firms, corporate bodies, charities, and other organisations at inquest hearings.

If you would like to talk to a barrister at Barristers.London about possible legal advice or representation in relation to a civil law matter, call us in strict confidence and without obligation.

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