Professional Regulation and Discipline

Barristers London: Our lawyers cover all professional disciplinary matters including all types of Tribunals, High Court and Court of Appeal. We have expertise relating to healthcare and other regulated professionals, in:

  • Fitness to practise 
  • Appeals
  • Restoration
  • Registration

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We have special expertise, by clinically and other professionally qualified barristers, who advise and assist in preparation throughout an investigation and hearing process. We provide representation at interim order hearings, reviews of an interim order, fitness to practise hearings, review of substantive order hearings, warning hearings, appeals and restoration the following areas relating to:

Professional Conduct:


Sexual behaviour

Predatory Conduct

Drug/alcohol abuse, misuse and dependency

Failing to give an acceptable level of care or service

Bullying/discriminatory behaviour

Failing to raise concerns

Failing to work collaboratively with colleagues

Abuse of professional position

Record keeping concerns

Medication errors

Sleeping on duty

Breach of contract

Poor performance/incompetence

Criminal convictions/investigations/cautions

Health conditions and professionals

Fraudulent registration / Incorrect entry


Appeals to the High Court against decisions of Tribunals on facts/impairment/sanction

Appeals against interim orders

Appeals against decisions on restoration

Appeals to the Court of Appeal from decision of the High Court


Initial applications to restore to the register

Advice and preparation on second applications

Second applications

Subsequent applications


Advice on registration applications

Appeals against refusal to register

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