Fraudulent/Incorrect Entry on the Register

If a professional practises without the genuine qualifications, they may lack the skills and knowledge for safe practise.

It is therefore important that any incorrect entry or fraudulently procured entry is investigated by a registration body, in order to maintain the integrity of any professional register, and remove unsuitable registrants.

An incorrect entry can be a simple error or calculation, but a fraudulent entry is something that is deliberately misleading such as submitting a false certificate to prove a qualification.

An incorrect entry may be capable of amendment if it is easily remedied otherwise removal from the register is the only way of maintaining the integrity of the register.

If there is a concern that there has been dishonesty then this needs to be explored by an investigating committee and, if proved, will result in removal from the register. Pending removal an interim order may be imposed. Any decision of the committee or decision-maker is open to appeal.

Example Case: In April 2019, a registered nurse was referred to the NMC for fraudulently procuring registration after revalidating – before completing a reflective discussion, and received confirmation from a colleague which was not in accordance with the revalidation process. The Panel found fraud and removed the registrant from the register. However, the nurse successfully appealed the decision.

Not all appeals will be successful it should be noted.

There are many registration bodies in the UK, which require applicants to be accurate and honest in their disclosure of personal details and qualifications. If an honest mistake has been made that may well lead to removal from the register. Where dishonesty is demonstrated the consequcnes could be much more significnat and criminal proceedings might also follow.

If you are a professional facing allegations of making a false entry on a register or obtaining registration by fraud, contact Barristers.London without obligation and in strict confidence to discuss our legal advice and representation services. Our fees are competitve.

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