University Student Disciplinary Hearing Representation

Students will occasionally find themselves being disciplined by a university for conduct unbecoming of a student. Some students face extremely serious allegations such as sexual misconduct, theft, plagiarism (cheating). If the student is training to become a registered professional, the university is obligated to regulate students’ conduct to ensure that the students are fit to practise their chosen profession. Where a student is found to have misconducted themselves they risk sanctions, which could include having to repeat a year or leave the university.

Legal Advice for Students Facing University Disciplinary Hearings

University disciplinary processes are set out in rules. The process must be procedurally fair. The student must be told of the complaint, and be able to make representations, and in some instances question witnesses. Submissions as to the facts and sanction will also be necessary. Good preparation is essential.

Many universities have an appeals process, but deficiencies in the first instance disciplinary process might not be curable. The best approach his to get things right at the disciplinary hearing.

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